What does Brutally Beautiful do?


Photography side of things:

Our talented team at Brutally Beautiful hand-crafts custom sets,

as well as hair and makeup 

to photograph everything from your wildest dreams to a compelling narrative for your business.


Who do we work with?

Maybe you’re a hair salon that needs gorgeous new photos of your stylists. Or you’re an indie band looking for promo shots as edgy as your music. Or maybe you’re at a personal crossroads and you want to explore your unlived life. You could be a dance troupe looking for a creative visual representation of yourself.  No matter who you are, Brutally Beautiful will work with any creative individual or group looking to tell a visual story.


How do we work?

Through our in-depth consultation process, we help you figure out what story you want to tell. We might ask for your favourite songs or photos or clothing — anything that gives us a read on the truth of you or your business.

Then we get to work collecting props and creating a world that tells your story. We make sure we’re on the right track by presenting visual references as we go.


What are photoshoot series?

We do offer our highly sought after photoshoot series, where we come up with a story, the set, some options for hair and makeup. All you have to do is come up with an outfit or two! We build the world, you can come and be a part of it! 


What happens during a photo shoot?

During the shoot, we create a totally safe space for you.

Together, we immerse ourselves in the cauldron of the studio, where tired old ideas dissolve and a potently re imagined future gradually emerges.

We share the photos with you as we go so you can watch your inner truth appear in startling images. We’ve discovered that witnessing your own transformation as it happens gives you a map you can follow ever deeper into the magic.

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Visual Art & Bones:

On top of creating imaginative photography Amanda wanders into all kinds visual art to feed her soul & find her connection to the forest & the cycles of nature. Cycles that we have learned to ignore or that we have so easily forgotten. 

She hand collects the ruins once inhabited by blood and breath and after ceremony is given to honour each creature's passing she leans into the wonder of transformation.

Nothing has been harmed in the process of making this art and it is all cruelty free. The utmost respect is held for these dearly departed friends and loving kindness is offered to them as they rebirth into art.

As Amanda likes to put it, "I celebrate life through honouring death".