How do I book a shoot?

Email us at shoot@bebrutallybeautiful.ca We will then send you a few questions to get to know you better.

Who is Brutally Beautiful for?

Whether you are a small business owner, an actor, a dancer, a performer, a group of friends that just want to have fun, a couple or simply an individual that wants to express themselves, we will cater to your needs by creating lasting images. We can photograph actor/model headshots, portraits,  business advertising, engagements, editorials, fashion, boudoir, pin-up all with a creative edge.

How long does it take to get the pictures back?

Depending on the shoot and the time of year, you will get your photos in 2-4 weeks.

What should I do to prepare for our shoot?

We’ll walk you through all the details, depending on your portrait style and concept.  We always recommend you get lots of sleep and eat as well as you can. Try to eat as clean and healthy as possible, it will encourage you feeling and looking your best! Drink lots of water!  On the day of your shoot avoid wearing tight clothing that will leave marks on your skin.  If you are getting waxed, have it done a few days before your appointment to avoid redness and puffiness.  If you bring clothing that cannot be steamed, please be sure it is clean and unwrinkled. (or dirty and wrinkly, depending on the concept!)

On the day of your shoot:

Come with clean, but NOT WET hair. Also it helps us out if you can come without any makeup on, it makes it easier for our makeup artist. If you are sensitive, feel free to bring your own foundation and mascara.

Can my partner come and watch? And who else will be in the studio while shooting?

We usually recommend the shoot involve only you (and any other subjects) Our experience is that spectators create tension and distraction. They are more than welcome to come in, say hi and check out the space.

What should I bring to wear?

Depending on the concept, we will discuss what you should wear and what you can bring to the shoot. These are always some great things to keep in mind while we brainstorm:

Dresses, suits, suspenders, crinolines, garter belts, stockings, bow ties, corset’s, ties, bustier, waist cinchers, fishnets, thigh-high stockings, hats...anything vintage or vintage inspired. Bring some different pairs of underwear for outfit changes.   Anything with crinoline is great!  We also love lace, ribbon and stripes too.

I don’t know what to wear. Do you have something I can wear?

You can ask us about the clothing and props that we have in our collection.

But like we said before, it really depends on the concept of your shoot and it’s hard to say what to bring until we have figured out what’s perfect for you.

If you would like an excuse to go shopping, we recommend Boo La La Costumes,  New World Designs, Mintage, Lace Embrace, Deadly Couture. 

Can I use my images to promote myself or my business?

Yes, you can!  Brutally Beautiful would love to help promote you and your business but this is something that has to be discussed prior to shooting.

Do I need to have modeling experience?

NO, Most people are not professional models. We expect that you will be a bit nervous, but that is OK, we will guide you. For ideas, you can also collect clippings of poses you would like to try or images that inspire you.

What if I need to change my appointment?

To change your appointment, please contact us within seven working days of your appointment so we can inform any assistants and make up artists.

What if I need to cancel my appointment?

To cancel your appointment, please contact us within seven working days of your appointment. Please note that we will charge for cancellation, in that case we will have to keep your %50 deposit that is required to book the session.

What about security and privacy of my photographs?

We maintain the security and privacy of all photographs. After shooting and viewing we store the photographs in a safe location, where they cannot be accessed by anyone, apart from us.  Photographs cannot be used by Brutally Beautiful without formal consent in the way of model release form signed by you.

What is a model Release?

At the beginning of every session, you will be asked to sign a Model Release Form. The model release would enable us to use your photos in our portfolio (web or printed), and for any promotion work we might do in the future.

How do you accept payment?

At this time we  except cash or internet banking transfers.

Who owns copyright of the images taken?

All images taken by Amanda Bullick are under Copyright of Brutally Beautiful.